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Autumn Leaves

It’s that time of year again when the leaves are changing to beautiful warm colours and falling from the trees. They may now be all over your garden, but here’s the good news:

Providing the layer of leaves is not too deep, you can raise your mower blade and mow over them a few times – this will drastically reduce the volume.
They are an ideal, high carbon addition to the compost heap when you layer them with nitrogen rich kitchen peelings etc. and twiggy garden waste, (don’t forget to turn the heap now and again).
You can make leaf mould – an effective soil conditioner for vegetable patches and flower beds. Store the leaves in sealed bags for a year, then simply empty them out and mix with your soil.
 You can protect vulnerable plants from the winter cold by piling up leaves around their stems. You can also save leaves for the summer – use them in a similar way and they will help the soil retain its moisture.
 Enthusiastic raking gives you a cardiovascular workout.  Thirty minutes raking leaves burns approximately 150 calories (in the fresh air).
 If […]

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Climbing Arborist Vacancy

Permanent chargehand role for a skilled, experienced tree surgeon. The successful candidate will be provided with PPE, have 28 days holiday per year, and a salary of £22,000 to £24,000.

NPTC qualifications essential
UK driving licence (preferably with ability to tow).
Leadership experience.
Excellent tree surgery skills.
Must be a good communicator.

Our customer base include householders, local authorities, construction and property maintenance companies throughout the East Midlands. You would be working at height and taking responsibility for the safety and efficiency of your team, reporting to a general manager.

We are an equal opportunities employer and welcome applications from candidates of any race, gender, age, sexual orientation or disability.

For more details or to express your interest in this vacancy please contact us on

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Growing Security

How Planting Trees and Shrubs Can Deter Burglars

Chose attractive trees and shrubs that enhance the prestige of the neighbourhood.
Plant thorny shrubs under windows and near boundary fences/walls. This creates a physical and psychological barrier to would-be instruders. Hawthorn and Pyracantha are good examples.
Plant hedging to define boundaries  and prevent trespassers.
Select your tree species carefully. Chose trees that will not grow to overwhelm the house and obstruct views.
Ensure front entrances and parking areas stay clearly visible. For security reasons, builders and planners like to ensure that opposite neighbours can easily see each other’s front doors – don’t plant trees and shrubs to block that view.
Keep bushes and shrubs to below 1m high this ensures they remain difficult for anyone to hide behind.
Avoid planting trees that have dense leaf cover and low canopies as these obscure the view of the road, alternatively, have the trees crown lifted and thinned on a regular basis.
Keep any CCTV sight lines clear by pruning climbers and nearby trees regularly.
Don’t allow your garden to become overgrown Landscaping provides clues about who belongs in a place and what they are allowed to do. […]

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Selling your home in 2014?

Selling your home in 2014? What would you photograph?
You only get one chance to make a first impression. The external view of your home is the first thing a buyer will see. Stand back from your house  and  evaluate.  If you were preparing the sales particulars, what would you include in the photographs?

Properly trimmed trees and shrubs without a doubt: they soften the look of the building without obstructing its view, provide colour and  a positive visual impact but above all else, they reassure buyers that the property is well maintained.

Trim trees, hedges and shrubs.
Store wheelie bins neatly out of the way.
Sweep paths and driveways.
Clean the windows, doors and frames.
Mow the lawn and trim up the edges.
Clean up evidence of pets.
Replace broken soffits, fascias etc.
Remove old bedding plants and replace.

Address these points before you market your property to ensure that buyers get the best possible first impression, helping to sell your house!
Good luck and Happy New Year.

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Christmas Decorations

It was once believed that Holly as a wood (that’s Hollywood!) had magical properties. It’s lush, colourful foliage resists the coldest of winters. Holly’s glossy, spiky leaves and bright red berries have decorated homes for centuries: Pagans had Holly sprigs in their houses throughout winter and Druids use Holly to deter against evil spirits. In Christianity, the prickly leaves symbolise the crown of thorns and the red berries represent Christ’s blood.  Holly is found in Christmas wreaths that hang front doors and as a table or mantelpiece decoration. If you take clipping from your Holly tree to use at Christmas, remember the berries are poisonous and the leaves can be very sharp!


Ivy is a tough, prolific climber that is found on trees in gardens, woodlands and pretty much everywhere else! We are often asked to remove ivy as its presence can overwhelm trees. It does, however, make a useful home for wildlife. Incorporated in a Christmas wreath, tied around doorways and banisters, etc. ivy is a lovely traditional way to decorate the home. As a seasonal decoration, ivy has been used for thousands of years: […]

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Investing in Trees

Investing in Trees
It is a fact that trees increase in value the minute you plant them.  Recent studies in America show that well maintained, attractive specimens can add 10-20% to property values. Of course, they also improve the property’s kerb appeal. Well established, deciduous trees were found to be most appealing to house buyers. Choose your species well and you will have beautiful colour/attractive bark that you can enjoy all year round.

Trees Sell New-Builds
Builders and developers recognise that retaining trees and incorporating them into new housing development schemes helps to sell houses. Trees soften the visual impact of the new buildings, helping them to blend in with the environment and making them more appealing to house buyers.

Trees Save Fuel
Also, it has been recognised that deciduous trees can save on fuel costs. Planted in the right location, they provide valuable shade in the summer and then allow extra light into the property when the leaves are shed in the colder months.

Reducing Flood Risk
Houses in flood risk areas benefit greatly through the presence of Willows, Alders and other high water demanding species. These types of trees help […]

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