It’s that time of year again when the leaves are changing to beautiful warm colours and falling from the trees. They may now be all over your garden, but here’s the good news:

  • Providing the layer of leaves is not too deep, you can raise your mower blade and mow over them a few times – this will drastically reduce the volume.
  • They are an ideal, high carbon addition to the compost heap when you layer them with nitrogen rich kitchen peelings etc. and twiggy garden waste, (don’t forget to turn the heap now and again).
  • You can make leaf mould – an effective soil conditioner for vegetable patches and flower beds. Store the leaves in sealed bags for a year, then simply empty them out and mix with your soil.
  •  You can protect vulnerable plants from the winter cold by piling up leaves around their stems. You can also save leaves for the summer – use them in a similar way and they will help the soil retain its moisture.
  •  Enthusiastic raking gives you a cardiovascular workout.  Thirty minutes raking leaves burns approximately 150 calories (in the fresh air).
  •  If the leaves are really dry, you can use them as a fragrant kindling in a wood-burning stove.
  •  Mulching your beds with leaves encourages earthworms and discourages weeds.

Beautiful Autumn leaves. Nature’s free gift.