How Planting Trees and Shrubs Can Deter Burglars

  • Chose attractive trees and shrubs that enhance the prestige of the neighbourhood.
  • Plant thorny shrubs under windows and near boundary fences/walls. This creates a physical and psychological barrier to would-be instruders. Hawthorn and Pyracantha are good examples.
  • Plant hedging to define boundaries  and prevent trespassers.
  • Select your tree species carefully. Chose trees that will not grow to overwhelm the house and obstruct views.
  • Ensure front entrances and parking areas stay clearly visible. For security reasons, builders and planners like to ensure that opposite neighbours can easily see each other’s front doors – don’t plant trees and shrubs to block that view.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs to below 1m high this ensures they remain difficult for anyone to hide behind.
  • Avoid planting trees that have dense leaf cover and low canopies as these obscure the view of the road, alternatively, have the trees crown lifted and thinned on a regular basis.
  • Keep any CCTV sight lines clear by pruning climbers and nearby trees regularly.
  • Don’t allow your garden to become overgrown Landscaping provides clues about who belongs in a place and what they are allowed to do. A good selection of well maintained plants shows that not only is the house occupied, but that someone cares and is paying attention.