Garden Maintenance

“If a person’s home is their castle, then the garden is their kingdom.”

In other words, trees need caring for – and we are happy to provide expert, professional and hassle-free care. Whether you are looking to bring more light into your garden, tidy up an unsightly tree or remove one completely, we offer a comprehensive service that is sensitive to your home and neighbours.

You can read more about the specific tree surgery services we offer here. We will behave as any good guest should, with courtesy and politeness. We appreciate in many instances we will need to work beyond the boundaries of your home, therefore we make every effort to accommodate the needs of neighbours with sensitivity.

Where there is a particular dispute about a neighbouring tree, we are happy to prune overhanging branches to the boundary; however, we are legally unable to go any further without the neighbour’s consent.

Similarly, if there is any likelihood that working on a tree may breach a conservation order or tree preservation order, we will advise you on how to check with your local council. If required, we can submit applications on your behalf and manage the permission correctly and in a timely manner.

We have an excellent health and safety record but – in the event of an accident – rest assured that we hold public liability insurance with £10 million cover, so if we are responsible for any damage, we will ensure that matters are put right.

How we work:

Garden Maintenance in Shelton Lock, Derby

  • Before – we offer a free consultation and no-obligation quote emailed within 24 hrs and also in writing. Since no two projects are the same, we always recommend a visit to ascertain the scope of the work required, but please let us know if this is difficult and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • During – We will work at your convenience; we can work when you are out provided we have sufficient access, and we do not require any electricity as our tools are all powered by petrol or diesel.

  • After – We take away all tree waste as standard, but if you would prefer to keep logs or chippings, we are happy to do that.

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